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Part 1


  • Are you interested in watching TV advertisements or internet advertisements? 
  • What kinds of advertisements do you dislike? 
  • Do you share advertisements with others? 
  • Do you want to work in advertising in the future?


Books and reading habits

  • Do you often read books? When? 
  • Are your reading habits now different than before?
  • Have you ever read a novel that has been adapted into a film?
  • Which do you prefer, reading books or watching movies?



  1. Do you wear a watch?
  2. Have you ever got a watch as a gift?
  3. Why do some people wear expensive watches?
  4. Do you think it is important to wear a watch? Why?



  • Do you have a talent , or something you are good at? 
  • Was it mastered recently or when you were young? 
  • Do you think your talent can be useful for your future work? Why? 
  • Do you think anyone in your family has the same talent?


Old buildings

  • Have you ever seen some old buildings in the city? 
  • Do you think we should preserve old buildings
  • Do you prefer living in an old building or a modern house? 
  • Are there any old buildings you want to see in the future? Why?


Meeting places

  • Where is your favorite place to meet with your friends? 
  • Do you think there are some places more suitable for meeting with others? 
  • Are there any differences between your favorite meeting places in the present and in your childhood? 
  • Why are some meeting places better than others?


Evening time

  • Do you like the morning or evening? 
  • What do you usually do in the evening? 
  • What did you do in the evening when you were little? Why? 
  • Are there any differences between what you do in the evening now and what you did in the past?


Sitting down

  • Where is your favorite place to sit? 
  • Do you always sit down for a long time? 
  • Do you feel sleepy when you are sitting down? 
  • When you were a kid , did you usually sit on the floor?
  • In what conditions would it be difficult for you to use a computer?


Doing sports

  • What sports do you like?
  • Where did you learn how to do it?
  • Did you do some sports when you were young?
  • Do you think students need more exercise?


Boring things

  • What kinds of things are boring to you? 
  • What will you do when you feel bored? 
  • What was the most boring thing you did when you were young? 
  • Do you think school is boring?


Work or studies

  • What technology do you use at work? 
  • What technology do you use when you study? 
  • What subjects are you studying? 
  • Why did you choose to study that subject? 
  • Do you like your subject? 
  • Is it very interesting? 
  • Are you looking forward to working? 
  • Do you prefer to study in the mornings or in the afternoons? 
  • Why did you choose to do that type of work (or that job)? 
  • Do you like your job? 
  • Is it very interesting? 
  • Do you miss being a student? 
  • What work do you do? 
  • Who helps you the most? And how?


The area you live in

  • Where do you like to go in that area? 
  • Do you know any famous people in your area? 
  • What are some changes in the area recently? 
  • Do you like the area that you live in?



  • Do you think you will continue living there for a long time? 
  • Please describe your hometown a little?
  • How long have you been living there? 
  • Do you like your hometown? 
  • Do you like living there? 
  • What do you like (most) about your hometown? 
  • Is there anything you dislike about it? 
  • Where is your hometown? 
  • Is that a big city or a small place? 
  • What’s your hometown famous for? 
  • Did you learn about the history of your home town at school?


Home & accommodation

  • What kind of house or flat do you want to live in in the future? 
  • Are the transport facilities to your home very good? 
  • Do you prefer living in a house or a flat? 
  • Please describe the room you live in?
  • What part of your home do you like the most?
  • How long have you lived there? 
  • Do you plan to live there for a long time? 
  • What’s the difference between where you are living now and where you lived in the past? 
  • Can you describe the place where you live? 
  • What room does your family spend most of the time in?



River or lake

Part 2: Describe an important river/lake in your country.

You should say:

  • What this river is called?
  • How you know about it?
  • How long/big it is?
  • And explain Why it is important?

Part 3:

  • What is the most popular sports in water in your countries?
  • Why do people like living near water?
  • Are rivers important to tourism?
  • Is it important to teach students swimming lessons at schools?


Describe a time when someone asked for your opinion.
You should say:

- Who asked for your opinion?
- Why he/she wanted to know your opinion?
- What opinion you gave?
- And explain how you felt when he/she asked for your opinion.

Part 3:

  1. Why do some people dislike giving their opinions?
  2. Are there any apps designed for collecting opinions about products or services?
  3. Why do people like to express their opinions on the Internet nowadays?
  4. What are the disadvantages of sharing opinions on the Internet?


Describe an interesting neighbor. 

You should say: 

  • Who he/she is? 
  • How did you know him/her? 
  • What do you do together? 
  • And explain why he/she is interesting? 

Part 3:

  1. Do you think (good) neighbours are important?
  2. What are the qualities of a good neighbour?
  3. Do most Vietnamese people know their neighbours?
  4. What are some of the qualities of a good community?

Mobile phones

Describe a time you used your cellphone/ smartphone to do something


You should say:

What happened

When it happened

How important the cellphone/smartphone was

And explain how you felt about the experience

Part 3:

1. What do you usually do with a cellphone?

2. What are the differences between young people and old people when

using a cellphone?

3. Which one is more important, using a cellphone to make phone calls or to

read messages?

4. Do you think there should be a law to stop people from making phone calls

in public?


Describe a city you would recommend as a nice place to live (not your


You should say:

What it is

Where it is

What you know about this place

And explain why you recommend it as a nice place to live

Part 3:

1. Where do people like to live in your country?

2. Why do many people move to the city?

3. What are the advantages of living close to the workplace?

4. What kinds of places do older people prefer to live in?

Being busy

Part 2Describe a time when you were really busy.

You should say:

  • When this was?
  • Why were you so busy?
  • How did you manage the situation?
  • And explain how you felt at the time?

Part 3:

  • Do you think children now under a lot of pressure?
  • Some people said that children spend more time studying than playing, what do you think?
  • Do you think children should have a long holiday? What about the summer holiday?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of having too much work on the job?

Family members

 Describe a family member who you want to work with in the future. 

You should say: 

  • Who he/she is? 
  • Whether you worked together before?
  • What kind of work would you like to do with him/her? 
  • And explain how you feel about this family member?

Part 3:

  1. Are there any positive effects of working with a famiy member?
  2. Why do peope like to set up a family business?
  3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a famiy business?
  4. Shoud companies promote competition, and why?


Part 2: Describe a competition you would like to take part in.

You should say:

  • What kind of competition is it?
  • What would you do in this competition?
  • Why does this competition interest you?
  • And explain how it helps to keep you fit?

Part 3:

  • What kinds of people are competitive?
  • What kind of activities/competitions do people like to take part in?
  • What kinds of competitions are popular in your hometown?
  • Why do you think there are many competitive programs on TV today?

Meeting people

Describe a person you only met once and want to know more about. 

You should say: 

  • Who he/she is? 
  • When did you meet him/her? 
  • Why do you want to know more about him/her? 
  • And explain how you feel about him/her? 

Part 3:

  1. Where do you think is the right pace to meet on a first date?
  2.  Do you find making friends at schoo different from other friends?
  3. What are the characteristics of a good friend?
  4. What are the characteristics of a bad friend?
  5. Why are cassmates sometimes not real friendships?


Part 2: Describe something you do that can help you to concentrate in work or study.

You should say:

  • What it is?
  • How often do you do it?
  • When you start doing it?
  • And explain how it helps you concentrate?

Part 3:

  • Is it important for children to learn how to concentrate?
  • What can employers do to help employees concentrate?
  • What kinds of jobs require higher concentration at work?
  • Have you ever felt it difficult to concentrate?
  • What kinds of distractions are bothering you in your life?


Describe a time when you organized a happy event successfully. 

You should say: 

  • What the event was?
  • How do you prepare for it?
  • Who helped you to organize it?
  • And explain why you think it was a successful event?

Part 3:

  1. How can parents help children to be organized?
  2. On what occasions do people need to be organized?
  3. Does everything need to be well prepared?
  4. Do people need others’ help when organizing things?


Part 2: Describe a celebrity in your country

You should say:

  • Who this person is?
  • How you know this person?
  • What this person is famous for?
  • And explain what this person is famous for?

Part 3:

  • What are the qualities of being popular?
  • Do you know any popular star who likes helping other people?
  • Do you think children should imitate their idols?
  • What influence do popular stars have on teenagers?

Difficult decision

Describe a difficult decision that you made and had a good result.

You should say: 

  • What was the decision? 
  • When did you make that decision?
  • Why was it difficult to make? 
  • And explain how you felt about the good result?

Part 3:

  1. Why do some people find it hard to make decisions?
  2. How important is it to get advice from other people when making decisions?
  3. What are some of the most important decisions young people have to make?
  4. Do you agree that parents should make important decisions for their children?


Describe something that surprised you. 

You should say: 

  • What is it? 
  • How did you find out about it? 
  • What you did do? 
  • And explain whether it made you happy? 

Part 3:

  1. How do people express happiness in your culture?
  2. Do you think happiness has any effect on people? How?
  3.  How can people be happy?
  4.  Is it good for people to be unhappy? Why?

Saving time

Part 2: Describe a way/change that helps you save a lot of time.

You should say:

  • What it is?
  • How you implement it?
  • How difficult it is?
  • And explain how you feel about the way/change?

Part 3:

  • What do people do to save time?
  • Which one manage time better, the old one or the younger one?
  • Do schools in Vietnam teach students about time management?
  • Do people who can manage time well become the most successful in the workplace?

Positive change

Part 2: Describe a change you make recently in your life.

You should say:

  • What the change was?
  • When it happened?
  • How you felt about it?
  • And explain if it was a positive or negative change for you?

Part 3:

  • What are other changes people often make in their daily life?
  • Who can change more easily, young or old?
  • What can help the elderly change easily?
  • Why do some people change frequently?
  • Why do some people often change their jobs?

Leisure time

Describe a special day out that cost you little money/didn’t cost you much

You should say:

When the day was

Where you went

How much you spent

And explain how you feel about the day

Part 3:

1. Do people like to spend their leisure time out in your country?

2. How do people spend their leisure time in your country?

3. How does technology affect the way people spend their leisure time?

4. Do you think only old people have time for leisure?


Describe an occasion when someone gave you positive advice or suggestions about your work/study.

You should say: 

  • Who the person is?
  • What did he/she said?
  • How has the advice/suggestion affected you?
  • And explain how you felt about the advice/suggestions?

Part 3:

  1. Do you like helping others?
  2. In your view should children be taught to help others?
  3. How can we encourage children to help others?
  4. Do you think people are less willing to help others these days compared to the past?
  5. Do people trust others as much as they used to in the past?
  6. How do people in your community help one another?
  7. How do students such as high school students help each other?
  8. How can charitable organizations help people?
  9. What are some examples of such organizations in your country?
  10. What do you think are the benefits of having unpaid volunteer workers?
  11. How do you think the volunteers themselves benefit?
  12. Should professionals be hired rather than using volunteer workers?
  13. Do you think international aid, for example from my national government to another is important?
  14. Can you give examples of international aid?


Describe an invention that has changed the world in a positive way. 

You should say: 

  • What it is?
  • What benefits has it brought? 
  • How does it influence people of different ages? 
  • And explain how it changed people’s lives?

Part 3:

  • How has technology made our life easier?
  • Which invention do you think is the most useful at home?
  • Is it more difficult for old people to accept new technologies?
  • What can be done to help old people learn to make use of new technologies?
  • Will our life be better if we live without technology?


Part 2: Describe an occasion when you lost something in a public place.

You should say:

  • What you lost?
  • How you lost it?
  • Where you lost it?
  • And explain how you felt about it?

Part 3:

  • In general, what kinds of things do people most often lose?
  • Why do some people lose things and some do not?
  • How do people usually find their lost things?
  • What are the disadvantages of getting the police to find lost things?
  • Why do people try to find the things they lost?

Traditional products

Describe a traditional product in your country

You should say:

What it is

When you tried this product for the first time

What it is made of

And explain how you feel about it

Part 3:

1. Why are traditional products important?

2. Do you think tradition is important for a country? Why?

3. What are the traditional Vietnamese products?

4. Why is it important for children to learn about traditional products?

Health care

Part 2: Describe a way you do to keep healthy.

You should say:

  • What it is?
  • How often you do it?
  • How you do it (or, how easy or difficult it is to do)?
  • And explain how it helps to keep you fit?

Part 3:

  • How can parents encourage their offspring to exercise more
  • What are the difference in exercising between elderly and younger people
  • What can the government do to motivate parents to encourage their kids to exercise

Helping children

Describe a time when you helped a child

You should say:

When it was

How you helped him/her

Why you helped him/her

And how you felt about it

Part 3:

1. Do you often help kids? How

2. Why is it necessary to do volunteer services?

3. What can schools do to develop students' awareness of volunteering?

4. Who benefits more from the volunteer services, the volunteers or the

people helped?

Quiet places

Part 2: Describe a quiet place where you would like to spend time

You should say:

  • Where it is?
  • How you knew it?
  • How often you go there?
  • What you do there?
  • And explain why you like the place?

Part 3:

  • Why do you think the countryside is quieter than the city?
  • Is it difficult to find a quiet place in major cities like Hanoi, HCM city, …?
  • What about places like cafes, parks or libraries? Are they quiet places?
  • Are homes noisier than they were in the past?
  • Why do old people like quiet places compare to young people?

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