IELTS Writing Task 1

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

The maps below show the changes that occurred to a town named Willington in 1780, 1860, and 2000.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.


INTRODUCTION (1sen.): Paraphrase

The maps describe three stages of development of a town, namely Willington in the years of 1780, 1860, and 2000.

OVERVIEW (2sens.)

- Common changes: Except for the river, other facilities had an enormous change, esp. Removal of farms and woods but increase in housing areas, road infrastructure, commercial and educational conveniences

- Emphasis on the biggest change/ (Objective) Common comment: More modern and convenient

Overall, except for the river, other facilities of the town had an enormous change, especially removal of farms and woods but growth in housing areas, road infrastructure, commercial and educational conveniences. Therefore, it is likely that Willington became more modern and convenient through the periods.

BODY 1: (3-4 sens.): Details 1 (In the West)

- River  / - Bridge /- Wetland / - Shops  / - Farms

Specifically, looking at all of the maps, we can see that the winding river remained unspoiled from the North to the South of the Western side, but a new curved overbridge was constructed in the middle of the river from West to East. In 2000, a big wetland was established to feed the birds with an aim to attract visitors at the Southern tip of the river. At the same time, many shops were opened along the East bank of the river to the South. Moreover, a half of the farms in the center decreased in 1860, and then it was cleared out.  

BODY 2: (3-4 sens.): Details 2 (In the East)

- Accommodation area/ Road 1  -  Woods  -  Schools/ Sports fields/ Road 2

Moving towards the Northeast corner, the number of households witnessed a dramatic upward trend, at 200 and 500 respectively. In addition, the forest was chopped down a lot in 1860, and after that it was removed to make way for a complex of two schools and three sports courts. Noticeably, the accommodation area was linked with the river and the schooling zone via two straight roads.


except for + N = apart from: ngoại trừ 

- To have an enormous change: Trải qua một sự thay đổi rất lớn

- removal (n ) sự xóa bỏ, loại bỏ 

- remove (v) = clear out (v) phá bỏ, loại bỏ

- housing areas (n.phr) = accommodation areas = residential areas = populated areas: Khu dân cư 

- road infrastructure (n.phr) cơ sở hạ tầng đường

- commercial and educational conveniences (n.phr) các tiện ích thương mại và giáo dục 

the winding river (n.phr) con sông quanh co

- to remain unspoiled: giữ nguyên, không thay đổi 

- construct (v) = build (v) xây dựng

- establish (v) = set up (v) = found (v) thành lập 

- attract (v) = appeal (v) thu hút 

- To witness a dramatic upward trend: trải qua một xu hướng tăng rất mạnh 

- chop down (v) = cut down (v) cắt, giảm, chặt

- link with (v) = connect with (v) nối, liên kết