P1. Opening:  Catering, Shopping, Entertainment, Accommodation, Customer service/ Study, Surrounding environment, Road infrastructure

Paraphrase: The maps show improvements that have been made to a university campus between 2010 and the present day.

 => SAMPLE: The pictures illustrate the development of a university campus from 2010 to the present.

P2. Overview:

(S1: Common changes, S2: Biggest change)

(S1: Changes, S2: No change)

(S1: Changes 1, S2: Changes 2)

- S1: Noticeable changes: More modern and professional with more properties

- S2: No changes: A big dorm, the lake, tree

=> SAMPLE: Overall, it’s clear that the university has experienced a more modern and professional change in the construction design with more properties. However, some facilities remain unspoilt including a big dorm, the lake, and trees.    

P3: Body 1: Big changes (Higher priority): Learning environment, Accommodation

S1: Teaching blocks: Northeast => destroy/ ruin/ pull down/ demolish/ destruct/ knock down => separately/ Opposite/ in two sides of the road

=> SAMPLE: Looking in more detail at the figures, we can see that two faculties of Arts and Science which were located in the same quaint teaching block in the Northeast are now separated into two higher distinct buildings with modern architecture.   

Grammar: Adv + V + S.

S2: Dorm: West: unchanged => a new one

=> SAMPLE: Beside the remaining dormitory has been built a similar one with different paint to the West.   

S3: Dorm: South: demolish => East in place of the old shops

Build/ Contruct/ lie/ stand/ be laid/ be situated/ be located

=> SAMPLE: In addition, the another 4-storey resident hall in the Southwest corner was demolished, but another big new one lies in place of old shops near a new road towards the East.      

P4: Body 2: Other changes

S1: Student facilities

=> SAMPLE: Another enormous change of the tertiary estate is that instead of scattering in different positions in 2010, a complex of student facilities including student offices, shops, and restaurant are now situated in a big building designed exclusively compared to other buildings at the Southwest bend.   

S2: Lake

=> SAMPLE:  Moreover, the lake in the centre has stayed unchanged; nonetheless, the grass and some benches surrounding it were removed.  

S3: Trees and two other ways: Constant/ untouched

=> SAMPLE: Finally, many trees are still spreading the campus.    


- Development (n ) Sự phát triển 

- Experience a more modern and professional change (v ) Trải qua sự thay đổi theo hướng hiện đại và chuyên nghiệp hơn

- Remain unspoilt (v ) Không thay đổi

- Be located in (v ) Được đặt tại 

- Quaint (adj) Có vẻ cổ và lạ 

- Separate into (v ) Phân chia thành

- Distinct (adj) Khác biệt

- Modern architecture (n.phr) Kiến trúc hiện đại 

- Build (v ) Xây dựng

- Resident hall (n.phr) Ký túc xá 

- Demolish (v ) Phá hủy, phá bỏ

- Lie (v ) Nằm tại, tọa lạc

- in place of (pre.) thay cho, thế chỗ cho

- Scatter (v ) Nằm rải rác

- Complex (n ) Tổ hợp

- Be situated in (v) Được đặt tại

- Design (v ) Thiết kế 

- Stay unchanged (v ) Không thay đổi

- Surround (v ) Bao quanh

- Remove (v ) Xóa bỏ, loại bỏ

- Spread (v ) Lan tràn, bao phủ