IDP, 2 April 2023

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

The bar chart below shows the amount of money invested in each category from five organisations.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.


OPENING (1 sentence)

Paraphrase the topic

“The bar chart below shows the amount of money invested in each category from five organisations.”

OVERVIEW (2 sentence)

- Common comparison (A, B, C’s high investment >< D and E’s lowest allocation)

- Biggest proportion (B, especially staff training)

BODY 1 (3-4 sentences)

Details 1 (Organizations A, B, and C)

BODY 2 (3-4 sentences)

Details 2 (Organizations D and E)


The graph demonstrates four types of investment including Machinery, Building, Staff training, and Research from five distinct businesses.

Generally, it is clear that the enterprises A, B, and C spend their high budgets, with D and E investing the least. Noticeably, the company B has the largest proportion in total investment, especially their most prominent allocation to their internal educational programs.

Looking more specicifically at the chart, we can see that the percentages of budgetary resources invested by the organization B for both staff training and research are the highest, at 1.9b and 1.6b euros respectively. Meanwhile, A gives the highest budgetary priority to construction compared to others, with 1.5b. This sector is funded only 0.5b lower by B whilst this amount in C falls into the lowest category of 1b. However, C leads its investing resource in Machinery (1.3b), with A and B just spending around 1b.

When it comes to the organizations D and E, their leading figures in building are equal to C’s. Moreover, D allocates the currency for Machinery at the same mark of B, which is a little bit higher than E. Differently, E’s staff training and research witness the higher rates than those in D.  


Band 8.5

201 words



- demonstrate (v) miêu tả

- investment (n ), invest (v)  đầu tư

- to spend their high budgets: dành nhiều ngân sách

- to have the largest proportion in: có tỷ phần lớn nhất cho cái gì

- prominent allocation (n.phr) khoản tiền được phân bối điển hình

- budgetary resources (n.phr) các nguồn ngân sách

- to give the highest budgetary priority to smth: ưu tiên nguồn ngân sách lớn nhất cho cái gì

- fund (v) tài trợ

- to fall into the lowest category: rơi vào nhóm thấp nhất

- to lead its investing resource: dẫn đầu nguồn đầu tư

- leading figures (n.phr) các số liệu đứng đầu

- allocate (v) phân phối, phân chia

- currency (n ) dòng tiền

- to witness the higher rate: chỉ ra tỷ lệ cao nhất