Hôm nay chúng ta sẽ cùng đến với những kiến thức cơ bản liên quan đến chủ đề Work bao gồm một số từ vựng và một vài cue card thường gặp. Các bạn đang có thể tham khảo trong quá trình luyện thi IELTS Speaking Part 2.

1. Từ vựng về Work




do an internship

/dəʊ ən ˈɪntəːnʃɪp/

đi thực tập

design boutique

/dɪˈzʌɪn buːˈtiːk/

hãng thời trang thiết kế



làm việc với



định giá

in the works

/ɪn ðə wəːks/

đang trong quá trình thực hiện



ra mắt



thiết yếu, cốt lõi

the ground floor

/ðə ɡraʊnd flɔː/

(làm lại) từ đầu



động não

double back

/ˈdʌb(ə)l bak/

(đọc) lại hai lần



sự rõ ràng



trình bày (ý tưởng)



tích hợp, kết hợp



sự thay đổi

over the moon

/ˈəʊvə ðə muːn/

vô cùng vui sướng



bản chất

2. Cue card và bài mẫu thường gặp về Work

Describe your idea of making a good first impression in a job interview. You should say :

- why it is important.

- is it important to make a good last impression as well

- what ways would you do it in your job interview

- and explain how to make a good first impression in a job interview.

It’s of common sense that most people at my age are now seeking for good job opportunities. Thus, I have to get to know how to leave a good first impression in a job interview. Today, I would like to share with you some of my knowledge about this topic.

In a professional situation, the first impressions are significantly important. Most job interviews don’t last more than 45 minutes. In such a short period of time, from those who don’t know anything about ourselves, we have to persuade them that we are qualified enough for the position we applied for. Thus, a good first impression can help to increase the success rate in our application process.

There are many things a candidate can do to create a positive first impression. You may follow these tips such as arriving on time for the interview, dressing formally, use appropriate ways of behaviour and communications. Besides, there are some noted points that you should pay much attention to like job description, company information which you acquired through researches. By going through the required tasks and skills for the vacancy, company’s culture or giving some suggestions to improve the productivity of the tasks you might be in charge of when you take that position can help you stand out from other candidates. For me, I would choose to follow all tips above.

Apart from the first impression, I strongly believe that last impressions are important as well. Often we are not accepted immediately in the interview. The recruiting team will have to take into account all candidates’ performances during the interview to choose the most suitable ones for the position. Therefore first impressions alone are not enough, we have to build a strong relationship with recruiters by making a good last impression too. By doing so, we show our respect to the recruiters and the job we apply for.

Being in a job interview is not an enjoyable experience. However, we have to get through it to pursue our dream jobs. Thus, we should prepare well enough for occasions like that.

Describe a very difficult task that you succeeded in doing as part of your work or studies. You should say:

- What task you did

- Why this task was very difficult

- How you worked on this task

- And explain how you felt when you had successfully completed this task

When I was still studying in college, a part of the curriculum requires you to do an internship in order to graduate. I was lucky to be picked by a design boutique that handled very important clients, with campaigns valued in thousands of dollars.

During my second week there, one of the clients suddenly decided that a campaign, which had been in the works for a month and was due to be launched in three days, should be completely reworked. Apparently he was not satisfied with several crucial parts of the strategy and we were tasked with reworking it all from the ground floor.

We spent all night brainstorming how to pull off something that took a month to set up before. It was an incredibly challenging project and we had only one chance to get it right. I took a look at previous projects that the company had run with this client, doubled back on the feedback the client had given throughout the project and had a moment of clarity, I now had an idea and I pitched it to the team and was set up to run point on the project.

After hours of hard work we now had a new project that incorporated what was already created into a new strategy which would not only make use of all the materials created this far, but would also keep the original timetable in place with minor modifications.  The client was over the moon at our follow up meeting and the ingenuity of the new plan.

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