1. Từ vựng về Restaurant

Appetizer/ Starter: món khai vị

Entree/ Main course: món chính

Dessert: món tráng miệng

Roasted food: món quay

Grilled food: món nướng

Fried food: món chiên

Saute : món áp chảo

Stew : món ninh

Steam food: thức ăn hấp

Wine: rượu

Beer: bia

Alcohol: đồ uống có cồn

Coke: các loại nước ngọt 

Juice: nước ép hoa quả

Smoothie: sinh tố

Coffee: cà phê

Tea: trà

Milk: sữa

Sparkling water: nước có ga

Cocoa: ca cao

Ice tea: trà đá

Green tea: trà xanh

Lemonade: nước chanh

Milkshake: sữa lắc

2. Cue card và bài mẫu thường gặp về Restaurant

Describe a restaurant you like (to go to)/that impresses you. You should say:

- where this restaurant is

- what type of food the restaurant has

- why you go to this restaurant

- and explain why you like this restaurant or why this restaurant impresses you.

One of the restaurants that I often go to is the famous fast food restaurant McDonald's. It is located on Trang Tien street, right near Hoan Kiem Lake and also quite close to where I live. Normally it only takes me 5 minutes to walk to the restaurant.

When I'm lazy to cook, I will come here and enjoy a burger, especially the restaurant's famous product called "Big Mac". There are also several different types of burgers, from cheese burgers to beef burgers and also those with chicken. The beef sandwich is my favorite. In addition, the restaurant also offers very delicious ice cream.

The main reason I like McDonald's is because the food here is quite tasty and more affordable than other restaurants in the same segment like Burger King. Besides, the staff at the restaurant are extremely friendly. Every time I eat at McDonald's, I feel satisfied with the food and service.

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