1. Từ vựng về Personality & Character

confident: trong sự kiểm soát

awkward: khó xử

underneath the surface, I am paddling like a swan: trông bình tĩnh nhưng không phải như vậy

put up a façade: giả vờ làm ai đó không phải mình

a control freak: muốn tự làm

an eye for detail: đảm bảo mọi thứ phải hoàn hảo

reliable and dependable: được tin cậy không để ai thất vọng

punctuality: đúng giờ

disrespectful: bất lịch sự

a negative trait: thái độ xấu

parental way: cư xử như bố mẹ

interpersonal skills: giỏi giao tiếp với người khác

empathetic: thấu hiểu cảm xúc của người khác

generous listener: dành thời gian để lắng nghe người khác

to emulate: giống như

considerate: tốt bụng và chu đáo

insecure: nhút nhát và không tự tin

moody: tâm trạng

2. Cue card và bài mẫu thường gặp về Personality & Character

Describe an interesting old person. You should say:

Who this person is

Where did you meet with him

What characteristics you most like on him

And explain why you think this person is interesting

The most interesting person to me is my grandfather. He is not only a hero, an ideal father, a benevolent man but also a respectable man.

Although he is over 70 years old, my grandfather still has a youthful appearance with a strong body and fair skin. He is still very healthy and strong enough to help with some housework while my parents go to work and take care of the garden.

As the oldest person in the family, my grandfather is still the head of the family. Although he may not be able to manage all aspects of our family, he is still the final decision maker because of his rich life experience and our respect for him. Besides, he is a successful father and a shining example for all his children. My father, aunt and uncle became professionals or entrepreneurs thanks to the good educational environment my grandfather gave them at school and at home.

For me he is the most interesting person because he has a sense of humour. His funny and interesting stories always make him the focus and soul of family parties. I love the moments when all the members gather in the living room on weekends, listening to his stories and laughing.

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