Chủ đề Old People – Người cao tuổi là một đề tài nghị luận xã hội. Do đó, nó không chỉ xuất hiện trong phần thi IELTS Writing Task 2 mà còn xuất hiện trong cả phần thi IELTS Speaking Part 2 nữa. Và đây cũng chính là lý do mà bạn cần phải ôn luyện thật vững những từ vựng liên quan đến chủ đề này. Hãy tham khảo bài viết dưới đây, chắc chắn sẽ giúp ích cho bạn rất nhiều đấy!

1. Từ vựng về Old People

old people = older people = elderly people = the elderly = the seniors = senior citizens

citizen: an inhabitant of a particular town or city (công dân)

Many old people, who use their time for volunteer activities, are considered to be model citizens of the city.

population: all the inhabitants of a particular town, area, or country (dân số)

The population of Vietnam is more than 90 million people.

medical service: care and treatment provided the government through hospitals or licensed clinics (dịch vụ y tế)

Good medical services are vital for elderly people to keep their health in check.

vital = important = essential: absolutely necessary or important (quan trọng, cần thiết)

Doing exercises every day is a vital factor to keep yourself healthy.

admiration: respect and warm approval (sự khâm phục)

Young employees often have a lot of admiration and respect for their seniors.

to contribute: give something in order to help achieve or provide something (đóng góp)

There are many ways to contribute to the collective good of society.

wisdom: the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment (sự khôn ngoan)

With all of the wisdom from the previous knowledge and experience, older people can make better decisions.

2. Cue card và bài mẫu thường gặp về Old People

Describe an old person you admire. You should say:

- who this person is

- how long you have known him/ her

- what qualities he/she has

- and explain why you admire him/ her so much.

Answer 1:

This is an easy topic for me as I know exactly who I want to tell you about!  I’ll say who she is, how long I have known her, a bit about her special qualities and why I admire her so much.

I don’t think of this person as old, but I suppose she is because she will be 90 next year, and that’s certainly a good age.  She is a distant cousin of mine, she now lives in a residential nursing home, which makes me sad, but she has had a full and interesting life and done many amazing, brave and brilliant things.

I think I have known her about twenty-one years, but the story of how we came to be friends is a little strange.  I was about to go travelling to Australia and was staying with my parents in London overnight before catching a plane from Heathrow the following day.  Whilst I was there my parents told me about this distant cousin who had been in a road accident and was in a hospital.  She was/is a very well educated woman with many academic and cultural interests, and they were wondering what to take her to read during her stay.  I offered some of my collection of short storybooks.  I wasn’t sure they would be to her taste, they dealt with political issues and were not by any means what I would have expected an elderly sick relative to be interested in.  The volumes were by Alice Walker, Susan Hill and other such writers.

My cousin loved them!  She wrote to me whilst I was in Australia to tell me, and also mentioned that she herself had worked in Australia for many years. She had a very illustrious career as a paediatric pathologist, but also did research on things like mammalian hearts which took her all over the world.  She asked me to lookup an old friend of hers whilst I was there, which I did with some reluctance as I wasn’t sure what I’d find.  I met another amazing woman who lived in the middle of a beautiful rainforest and was passionate about conservation.  When I came back to England a year later, I visited my cousin to tell her all about my travels, and that was the beginning of an ongoing friendship. We have always corresponded with one another and I find her wise and a great role model.  We have shared interests and I think our personalities are also rather alike – for better or worse!  Opinionated and stubborn at times, but also caring very much about the world and those around us and constantly curious and restless.  Endlessly wanting to go and explore and experience new things.  We share a wanderlust at least!

My cousin is intelligent, well-travelled and very independent.  She has insight and great skill in academic writing.  Over the years I’ve shared with her my own writing efforts, looked to her for advice on what to do when facing certain decisions, and gained inspiration from her lifestyle.  She is very good at setting herself goals and getting on with things – it would be fair to say she doesn’t suffer fools gladly, so she is certainly someone who will put you straight on things.  I think of her as a ‘critical friend’ I know she cares about me a lot, as I do her, but that doesn’t mean she’ll indulge me at all if she feels I’m being foolish in any way.  She never married, and I too am on my own, so I think we sort of understand one another, and we both like our own space, which can be confusing for some people at times.

I admire her hugely, her health is frail now, and that makes me sad, but she has achieved so much in her career, life and network of friends.  If I can do half as well in the time I have I’ll be very content with that!

Answer 2:

My grandmother is about 65 and I admire her a lot for the amiable and benevolent nature she possesses.  Her name is Samantha and she is a well educated and wise woman. I have a daughter of 6 years old and I wish her to become a great person as my grandmother is.

I know my grandmother from the day I came to this world. In fact, she was there when I was born. I grew up and passed my adolescent and young age with the love and affection of my grandmother. In fact, after my grandfather died, she started living in our house.

My grandmother is a highly talented person and a great mentor. Her affable characteristics and helpful mentality are most attractive. Even a stranger can feel her great heart in few minutes. I can recall several occasions when she took great risks to help others. She was a school teacher until she retired and there are still so many students who write to her to show their respects and affections.

Personally, I like her firm belief in humanity and an unquenchable thrust for learning and reading. My father became a voracious reader only because of her. She is caring and emotionally open. Above all, she is an ideal and successful mother. The other qualities she possesses are also exemplary. These other qualities include truthfulness, confidence and fairness. I was quite amazed in my early teens when I found her taking the side of a neighbour against his own son in a dispute. I have not met so many incorruptible, straight and morally upright humans.

I admire her from the deep down of my heart. I love to spend time with her because she is intelligent and can give proper guidance. She is a reliable critic who often inspired me to work harder. Her affection and caring is probably the main reason I admire and love her so much.

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