Trong các bài thi IELTS Speaking Part 2, bạn có thể gặp các câu hỏi về căn hộ hoặc nhà ở. Do đó, hãy ghi chú lại một số từ vựng cần thiết dưới đây liên quan đến chủ đề Accommodation để bạn có thể tự tin trả lời bất kỳ câu hỏi nào của giám khảo nhé!

1. Từ vựng về Accommodation

- An apartment block/block of flats: dãy nhà, khối căn hộ liền kề

- A thatched cottage: nhà tranh, nhà gỗ theo phong cách châu âu, thường xuất hiện ở vùng quê

- A mobile home: nhà di động

- Flat : căn hộ

- Residential area: khu dân cư

- Penthouse: cao ốc thông tầng, thường nằm ở vị trí cao nhất của 1 toà nhà.

- Mansion : dinh thự

- Campus : khu ký túc xá đại học

- Igloo: nhà bằng đá

- Dream home: ngôi nhà trong mơ

- Amenity: sự tiện nghi

- Close-knit community: cộng đồng dân cư có mối quan hệ khăn khít

- Add an extension: xây hoặc lắp thêm (nội thất, phòng ốc) cần thiết vào

- High-rise apartments: căn hộ (cao cấp) nhiều tầng

- Mod cons (n): sự tiện nghi hiện đại

- Home comforts: sự tiện nghi trong nhà

- Do up (an old house): nâng cấp nhà

- Refurbish (v): tân trang nhà cửa

- Overlook (a garden): nhìn ra (ngoài vườn)

- House-warming party: tiệc tân gia

- Façade: mặt tiền

2. Cue card và bài mẫu thường gặp về Accommodation

Describe your ideal accommodation. You should say:

- where this place is

- what it is like

- why you consider it interesting and whether you would like to live in it

Well, living in an apartment is an overgrowing trend not only in my country but all over the world. We have our own apartment which is really awesome. By the way, I would like to talk about a new apartment/flat that I have recently visited. My newlywed cousin who lives in the capital Dhaka had purchased an apartment just months ago. It is in Mirpur, Dhaka, one of the sophisticated residential areas in Bangladesh.

He invited me to visit his wonderful apartment and I was really excited to go there since he told me that something was undoubtedly exceptional because it was designed by a renowned American inner and outer decorator. Yeah, I was lost for words when I first saw it because of its wonderful inside decoration, although its outside look was seemed to be very simple. I was fascinated by the stylish wooden furniture, expensive colorful tiles, startling chandeliers, and three giant screens.

There are some lavish sofas in the drawing room and extraordinarily designed beds in every living room. Most eye-catching areas are living rooms, kitchen with wooden figure and fine baths. It was looking really interesting due to its mind-blowing structure. There were three balconies too where the couple rear pigeons which I called amazing and decent habit. I have spent my two wonderful days in this attractive apartment and I opined that the flat was totally different compared to others, even from our one.

Describe a house or an apartment that you would like to live in. You should say

- what kind of accommodation it would be

- where it would be

- who would live there with you

- and why you would enjoy living in this place

I have always been attracted to the idea of constructing my own home, as my father is an architect and we have always been great fans of watching TV programmes which follow the trials and tribulations of people who are involved in complicated and ambitious building projects. Sometimes, although there are many difficulties and unexpected challenges along the way, the end resulting home is just beautiful, appealing and really inspiring.

This small house would be by the sea, possibly in France, as the Atlantic coastline there is still quite wild and underpopulated. I’m attracted to the idea of an environmentally friendly bungalow, which would be open plan and use screens or bookshelves to divide rooms.

I’d love to work with my father on the design, and ideally it would be made of eco-friendly materials, such as sustainable woods, recycled glass and highly insulated to keep energy costs as low as possible. I’ve been inspired by the Scandinavian style houses I have seen in design magazines, which are planned to blend into their location, looking simple and clean from the outside, but boasting all mod cons inside.

I would love to have a large terrace to sit and watch the sunsets or share sustainably sourced local foods. I am not tempted by an extravagant, designer or flashy décor but prefer something understated with stripped or varnished wood floors, a kitchen made from recycled wood, and open shelves to display my collection of ceramic pottery which was my grandmothers. Light is very important to me, so I would try to incorporate large full length windows to enjoy the views and experience a connection to the peaceful countryside outside.

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