You should say:

  • What you are interested in

- Name: The Vietnamese Famine  

- Year(s): in 1945

- Interesting things: The last motivation towards the general uprising for success of the August Revolution in the same year

=>  One of the significant periods which really impresses me is the Vietnamese Famine in 1945. According to some official history materials, it was the last motivation towards the general uprising for success of the August Revolution in the same year.  

  • When it happened

- 1944-1945

- Colonized by Japan and France

=> The unforgettable disaster had happened from 1944 to the late 1945 and caused up to 2m deaths. At that time, Vietnam was being colonized by Japan and France.    

  • What you know about it

-  In 1944: Clear out paddy fields to grow cash crops including Jute.  

- No food.

- Natural disasters: Droughts and floods.

- World War II     

=> As I know, there were some main reasons for the catastrophe in my country. First and foremost, in 1944, under Japanese and French occupation, the invaders forced Vietnamese to clear out paddy fields to grow cash crops including Jute for their economic values. So, a mafority of Vietnamese had no food. Besides, Vietnam suffered from devastating droughts and floods in many areas during World War II. As a result, as I said, about 2m people died of hunger.   

  • And why you would like to learn more

- Thousands of the years: catastrophic wars

- Like one drop which made the full cup spread out

- Motivated the whole country to stand up and protest against the enemies.

- The independence now.

=> Looking backwards, I’ve been taught that my country had experienced long catastrophic wartime for thousands of the years with many failures. But this miserable event was like one drop which made the full cup spread out. In other words, this starvation motivated the whole country to stand up and protest against the enemies for the glorious victory. Thanks to their great effort and sacrifice, we have had the independence and peace.


  • Significant periods (n.phr) Những giai đoạn quan trọng
  • Really impress (v) Thực sự gây ấn tượng cho
  • Vietnamese Famine in 1945: Nạn đói năm Ất Dậu
  • Some official history material (n.phr) Một vài tài liệu lịch sử chính thống
  • Motivation (n ) Động lực
  • Motivate (v) Tạo động lực, thúc đẩy
  • The general uprising (n.phr) Cuộc tổng khởi nghĩa
  • The August Revolution (n.phr) Cuộc Cách Mạng Tháng 8
  • Unforgettable disaster (n.phr) Thảm họa không thể quên
  • Colonize (v) Xâm lược
  • Catastrophe (n ) Thảm họa, tai ương
  • Under occupation: Bị xâm chiếm, bị chiếm đóng, bị đô hộ
  • Invader (n ) Kẻ xâm lược
  • Force sb to do smth: Ép ai đó làm gì
  • Clear out (v) Xóa sạch, loại bỏ hết
  • Grow cash crops (v) Trồng hoa màu
  • Economic values (n.phr) Những giá trị về mặt kinh tế
  • Suffer from devastating droughts and floods (v) Chịu đựng những đợt hạn hán và lũ lụt thảm khốc
  • Die of hunger (v) Chết vì đói  
  • Look backwards (v) Nhìn lại dĩ vẵng
  • Experience long wartime (v) Trải qua thời kỳ chiến tranh lâu dài
  • Failure (n ) Thất bại
  • The miserable event (n.phr) Sự kiện đau thương
  • Starvation (n ) Cái đói
  • Protest against the enemies (v) Chống lại quân thù
  • The glorious victory (n.phr) Chiến thắng vẻ vang
  • Great effort (n.phr) Nỗ lực lớn
  • Sacrifice (n ) Sự hy sinh
  • Independence (n ) Nền độc lập
  • Peace (n ) Bình yên, hòa bình

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