1. Từ vựng về Taking a rest

Deep sleep: ngủ sâu/say

Hard habit to break: thói quen xấu khó bỏ

Snooze: chợp mắt.

Beauty rest/sleep: giấc ngủ sớm để có làn da đẹp/cải thiện sắc đẹp.

Sleeping pill: thuốc ngủ

Drift off to sleep: thiu thiu ngủ, trôi dần vào giấc ngủ

Nap: ngủ trưa

Sleep habits: thói quen về việc ngủ

Nod off (v): ngủ gà gật

Night owl: cú đêm, người hay thức khuya

Early bird: người có thói quen dậy sớm vào buổi sáng

Struggle to get to sleep: khó ngủ

Night person: người hoạt động tích cực/nhiều năng lượng vào buổi tối

Lethargic (a): having little energy: uể oải

Feel full of energy: cảm thấy tràn đầy năng lượng

Morning person: người hoạt động tích cực/nhiều năng lượng vào buổi sáng.

Nerve-racking (adj) = stressful

Burn the midnight oil: thức khuya để học/làm việc

Recharge (energy): sạc lại năng lượng

2. Các câu hỏi thường gặp về Taking a rest

How often do you take a rest? 

I like to take a break every 2-3 hours studying or working. I have a lot of classes during the day, but between classes, there is always a break for us to take a little break. Otherwise I will feel my brain exhausted. After resting, I feel better and have more energy to keep going.

What do you usually do when you are resting? 

I usually listen to music and close my eyes for a while while resting. My university has a beautiful garden on campus with a fountain in the middle and floral bands around it. I like to sit on a bench there and listen to music whenever I take a break between classes.

Do you take a nap when you are resting? 

I rarely take a nap on weekdays because I don't have much time, but on weekends when I'm at home, I like to take a nap in the afternoon. I don't need too much time but just a 15-20 minute nap to give me the energy to keep me going all day.

How do you feel after taking a nap? 

I feel refreshed, energized and ready to focus on work after taking a nap. I feel more relaxed, less stressed, and my day goes more smoothly every time I take an afternoon nap.

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