1. Từ vựng về Neighbours and Neighbourhood

Suburb: ngoại ô, ngoại thành

Neighborhood: hàng xóm, láng giềng, vùng lân cận, vùng phụ cận

Community:  cộng đồng

Region:  vùng, miền, khu vực

Vicinity: vùng lân cận, vùng phụ cận, sự tiếp cận

Borough: một thành phố, quận huyện quan trọng

Locality: nơi, chỗ, vùng, địa phương

Ward: phường, đơn vị hành chính

Alley: phố hẹp, ngõ, hẻm

Sidewalk: vỉa hè

Precinct: quận, vùng chung quanh một giáo đường, khu vực

District: quận, huyện, địa hạt, khu phố

Village: làng quê, thị trấn

Adjacent: ngay cạnh, gần kề

Slum: xóm nhà ổ chuột

Doorstep: bậc cửa, ngưỡng cửa

Block: khu nhà, dãy nhà

2. Các câu hỏi thường gặp về Neighbours and Neighbourhood

Do you know your neighbours?

Yes. My family has lived in the same neighborhood since I was born, so we know each other quite well. In particular, we are very close to my next-door neighbor. Also, other neighbors have come and gone so we don't usually get too close to them.

Do you like your neighbours?

Some of them! We all quite like Mrs. Lan, to me she has always been a grandmother. I'm always happy when she sometimes comes to our door with freshly baked bread. Meanwhile, some of our other neighbors are quite eccentric so we tend to keep our distance.

What do you think of your neighbours?

I think they are just very ordinary people. It seems they live stressful daily lives and don't bother to communicate with their neighbors. They are caught up in a life of only their own family. We used to be friends with another neighbor, but then she became too nosy, so now we just smile at her but don't share our work.

How often do you see (or talk to) your neighbours?

Besides Mrs. Lan, I only saw them pass by. So I see them every day but really only talk to them once or twice a week when in contact. For example, when I go out to take out the trash, we often ask each other the daily social questions.

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