1. Từ vựng về Advertisement

competition (n): sự cạnh tranh

rival company: công ty đối thủ

competitive (adj): cạnh tranh

convince SO to do something: thuyết phục ai làm gì đó

fierce competition: cạnh tranh khốc liệt

persuade so to do st: thuyết phục để làm st

billboard: biển quảng cáo

ubiquitous = all over the place: khắp nơi

pop up (v): bật lên, hiện lên

tobe + pretty much everywhere: hầu hết mọi nơi

roundabout (n): bùng binh , vòng xoay

exaggerate (v): phóng đại

background music: nhạc nền

promote (v): quảng bá

2. Các câu hỏi thường gặp về Advertisement

What kinds of advertisements do you see everyday?

There are many types of advertising that I come across every day, from large billboards and flyers on the street to websites that I pop up on the Internet. But I think the ones that are most infringed are YouTube video ads and sponsored posts on social networking sites like Facebook or Instagram. No matter how annoying and annoying they are, I can't ignore or block them all.

Do you watch advertisements from the beginning to the end?

I always try to avoid them by all means or just watch part of them on demand. This is mainly because the ads are sometimes annoying to the users. Of course there are exceptions. I have watched several commercials over and over again because they are well-guided and fun.

Have you ever bought something because of advertisements?

I have. However, after a few stupid purchases, I've decided to never trust the advertisements again. Most of them tend to exaggerate or misinform the benefits of sponsored items. Instead, I would rely on online reviews and word of mouth to purchase a product.

Are there any advertisements you like?

Sure. Recently, I have become a big fan of Thai commercials. They are entertaining, moving, and at the same time educational. I find it amazing that they never try to brag about their product but successfully convey their message by telling meaningful stories. The way they approach and convince consumers is very smart.

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