1. Từ vựng về Accommodation

- A mobile home: nhà di động

- Residential area: khu dân cư

- Penthouse: cao ốc thông tầng, thường nằm ở vị trí cao nhất của 1 toà nhà.

- Flat : căn hộ

- An apartment block/block of flats: dãy nhà, khối căn hộ liền kề

- Close-knit community: cộng đồng dân cư có mối quan hệ khăn khít

- A thatched cottage: nhà tranh, nhà gỗ theo phong cách châu âu, thường xuất hiện ở vùng quê

- Home comforts: sự tiện nghi trong nhà

- Campus : khu ký túc xá đại học

- Mansion : dinh thự

- Dream home: ngôi nhà trong mơ

- Amenity: sự tiện nghi

- Mod cons (n): sự tiện nghi hiện đại

- Add an extension: xây hoặc lắp thêm (nội thất, phòng ốc) cần thiết vào

- High-rise apartments: căn hộ (cao cấp) nhiều tầng

- Overlook (a garden): nhìn ra (ngoài vườn)

- Igloo: nhà bằng đá

- Façade: mặt tiền

- Refurbish (v): tân trang nhà cửa

- Do up (an old house): nâng cấp nhà

- House-warming party: tiệc tân gia

2. Các câu hỏi thường gặp về Accommodation

1. Do you live in a house or an apartment?

I live in an apartment in a 40-storey apartment building with my family. Here I can enjoy life easily and comfortably as all amenities and services are right at the foot of the building, which means I can easily make or buy anything I need in just a few minutes.

2. What is your favorite room in your home? Why?

Definitely my bedroom. It's a personal space where I can do whatever I want without fear of being scolded by my parents. Besides, the bedroom is the perfect place for me to avoid noise, so I often lock myself in the bedroom when I need to focus on studying or doing something.

3. Would you change anything about your home? Why / why not?

Maybe I'll expand the living room. Because it's a common space for family members to gather and gather together, so I thought it would be great if my living room was a bit more spacious.

4. Would you like to move to a different home in the future?

Although my current accommodation is perfectly fine, I would love to experience the feeling of living in a lavish and splendid villa for once. Because I had a dream since childhood to own a house with a swimming pool and garden of my own, so a villa seemed like an ideal home to me.

5. How is your apartment decorated?

My house is decorated in a minimalist style. Almost everything is painted in beige white, and a few art pieces serve as a subtle touch to the house. The interior is also designed quite simply, mostly made of wood, but just enough utility for family members to use.

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