1. Present subjunctives:
  1. Subjunctive verbs (sV): advise, suggest, propose, request, recommend, require, ask, urge, insist, order, demand, command, decree, stipulate, prefer, desire.

FORM: S1 + sV + (that) + S2 + (should) + not + V2 (bare infinitive) 

Eg1.: Her mother advised her to eat home-cooked food more often to stay healthy.

=> Her mother advised (that) she (should) eat home-cooked food more often to stay healthy.

Eg2.: The leader demanded everyone not be distracted while being on duty.


Eg1.: Giám đốc Marketing của chúng tôi đã đề nghị rằng trưởng nhóm của chúng tôi nên giám sát thị trường kỹ lưỡng hơn.

=> Our Marketing manager  suggested (that) our team leader (should) supervise the market more thoughtfully.

Eg2.: Vị khách hàng đó đã yêu cầu rằng đại diện của khách sạn nên xin lỗi bà ấy sớm nhất có thể.

=> The customer requested (that) the hotel representative (should) apologize to her as soon as possible.

  1. Subjunctive adjectives (sAdj): advised, suggested, proposed, recommended, required, urgent, desirable, necessary, important, essential, crucial, vital, obligatory, mandatory, compulsory, imperative, best.      

FORM: It’s + sAdj + (that) + S + (should) + (not) + V (bare infinitive)

Eg1.: It’s advised that everyone should get up early in the morning.

Eg2.: It’s required any shop assistant remain courteous with customers.


Eg1.: Vấn đề cực kỳ quan trọng là đối tác kinh doanh của chúng ta chấp nhận thỏa thuận mới.

=> It is crucial (that) our business partner (should) accept the new negotiation.

Eg2: Bắt buộc giám thị phải giám sát phòng thi một cách nghiêm khắc.

=> It’s obligatory (that) the proctor (should) supervise the examination room strictly.

* Be careful: Other types of sentences:

It + tobe + Adj + of + sb + to V. (Adj: chỉ tính cách)

Eg: It was so kind of him to help me that day.

It + tobe + Adj + (for sb) + to V. (Adj: khác)

= V-ing + tobe + Adj + (for sb).

It is compulsory for the students to wear uniforms.

= Wearing uniforms is compulsory for the students.

  1. Subjunctive nouns (sN): suggestion, proposal, request, recommendation, requirement, urgency, demand, command, preference, wish, a good idea, a bad idea.

FORM 1:  It’s + sN + (that) + S + (should) + (not) + V (bare infinitive)

Eg1.: It is a proposal (that) individuals (should) be fined heavily in case of being guilty of noise traps.

Eg2.: It’s a good idea parents spend more leisure time with their children outdoors at the weekend.

FORM 2:  sN + is + (that) + S + (should) + (not) + V (bare infinitive)

Eg1.: A proposal is that individuals be fined heavily in case of being guilty of noise traps.

Eg2.: A good idea is that parents spend more leisure time with their children outdoors at the weekend.


Eg1.: Thật là một đề suất hay đó là hai công ty nên hợp tác về việc bảo vệ môi trường.

=> It is a great proposal (that) two companies (should) co-operate in protecting environment.

=> A great proposal is (that) two companies (should) co-operate in protecting environment.

Eg2.: Điều thú vị là hầu hết khách hàng thân thiết của chúng tôi đều hài lòng với sản phẩm mới.

=> The preference is (that) most of our loyal customers (should) be satisfied with the new product.  

  1. Would rather:

FORM: S1 + would rather + (that) + S2 + (should) + (not) + V (bare infinitive)

Eg1.: I would rather that she apologize to me for breaking my favorite vase.  

Eg2: The customer would rather the shop compensate her for the technical error.  


Eg1: Một số khách hàng khó tính của chúng tôi mong muốn rằng lễ tân không nên ăn mặc quá lòe loẹt.

=> Some prissy customers would rather (that) the receptionist not dress up too flashily.

Eg2: Tôi mong muốn người bán hàng rong không lấn chiếm vỉa hè.   

=> I would rather (that) street vendors not take up the pavements.

  1. Special subjunctives:

- Subjunctive exclamation: S + V(bare infinitive) + O.(!)

- Subjunctive idioms: Turn out to be (Té ra là), Be that as it may (Mặc dù vậy), Come what may (Dù có chuyện gì đi chăng nữa).

Eg1.: Long live Grandma!

Eg2.: Turn out to be, his assistant has always secretly helped him overcome many challenges in the market.

  1. Past subjunctives:
  1. Conditionals (Watch the previous video)
  2. Wishes (Watch the previous video)
  3. Would rather:

- Type II: S1 + would rather + S2 + V(past simple)

Eg.: I would rather he behaved more politely.

- Type III: S1 + would rather + S2 + had + P2

Eg.: My wife would rather we had bought a new apartment in the city centre.