You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

The diagram below shows the floor plan of a public library 20 years ago and how it looks now.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.


The maps demonstrate the layout of Central Library two decades back and at present.

Overall, although the library is still divided into six certain areas in addition with a wide hallway, it has experienced an enormous renovation with more convenient and flexible arrangement.

The initial striking detail is that the main entrance stays unchanged in the South whilst all of the tables and chairs placed in the hall have been removed to make it spacious. CDs, Videos, and Computer games, which used to be provided in the upper left-hand room, are transferred to the Computer room on the left of the front door. The Northwest room is currently expanded to become a multifunctional place including sofas for story-telling activities and children’s fiction books. Additionally, all reference materials are served between these rooms instead of adult fiction books.

The next outstanding change is the new cafe in place of the big old enquiry desk opposite the computer room. However, booking is available via several self-service machines along the catering space. Moreover, adult non-fiction books were altered with adult fiction books and a long information desk here. Finally, the children’s books room has been turned into a lecture room in the the Northeast corner.

(202 words)

Band 9.0


- Map (n ) Bản đồ

- Demonstrate (v) Miêu tả

- Layout (n ) Cấu trúc, cách bố trí, bản thiết kế

- Overalll (adv) Nhìn chung

- divide into (v) Chia thành

- In additional with (pre.) Thêm vào, cùng với

- To experience an enormous renovation with more convenient and flexible arrangement: Sửa sang rất nhiều với cách bố trí tiện lợi và linh hoạt hơn

- The initial striking detail is that…: Chi tiết nổi trội đầu tiên là ….

- Stay unchanged: Không thay đổi

- Place (v) Đặt

- Remove (v) Loại bỏ

- Make it spacious: Cho thoáng hơn

- Provide (v) Cung cấp

- Transfer to (v) Chuyển đến

- Expand (v) Mở rộng

- Become (v) trở thành, trở nên

- Multifunctional (adj) Đa chức năng

- Additionally (adv) Ngoài ra, hơn nữa

- Serve (v) Phục vụ

- The next outstanding change (n.phr) Sự thay đổi điển hình tiếp theo

- In place of (pre.) Thay thế cho

- Book (v) Đặt (vé)

- Cater (v) Cung cấp đồ ăn, lương thực

- Alter (v) Thay thế

- Turn into (v) Biến thành