2023 IELTS Writing Task 2. Roles of music

Some people think that music plays an important role in society other think it is simply a form of entertainment.
Discuss both views and give your opinion.
2023 IELTS Writing Task 2. Roles of music


Some people think that music plays an important role in society other think it is simply a form of entertainment. 

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Ngày 08/07/2023 (IDP)



(2-3 sentences)

  • Topic: Music
  • Background: crucial
  • Outline: Social benefits and entertainment


(5-6 sentences)

  • Social connection
  • Eg.: Pre-history people’s gathering habit with songs
  • Cultural identity
  • Eg.: Indian music: Indian culture
  • Communication and sympathy


(5-6 sentences)

  • Entertainment and creativity
  • Eg.: Modern music
  • Listening to music as a common hobby
  • Self-mediation
  • Vietnam: light songs and yoga


Restate the introduction


There is no denying that music is always considered as a crucial spiritual food for all people regardless of age, gender, religion, or nationality. In fact, it is often said that music is mainly for social benefits while some argue that it is just to entertain people.

On the one hand, music has been a prevalent part of human life for centuries since it can help people connect with each other. By way of illustration, it was very common for pre-history humans to gather around the fire and sing songs with primitive instruments for a strong sense of unity. Additionally, this type of art can represent the local cultural identity because musicians normally compose lyrics based on their religions, customs, and habits. For instance, everyone from all over the world can discover Indian culture and traditions from their classic genre of songs. It is the reason why people from different countries can communicate or sympathize with each other thanks to a special translator as melodies.

On the other hand, aside from its functions of bringing people together, music is also used for entertainment and creativity. To take modern music as an outstanding example, it is made in a very creative way with high artistic values. Furthermore, after a hardworking day under high pressure, both students and workers tend to be sunk into their favorite melodies. Besides, some experts show that this form of recreation can be regarded as an effective self-healing because it could alleviate their negative feelings. From a factual perspective, many private kindergartens in Vietnam let students listen to light songs while doing yoga every morning for relaxation.

In conclusion, alongside undeniable recreational benefits, music is always helpful in bridging people regardless of differences in languages, opinions, or ages in terms of common means of communication and sympathy.

(298 words)

Band: 8.0


  • Be considered a: được coi là
  • Be regarded as: được coi là
  • A crucial spiritual food: một món ăn tinh thần
  • Regardless of: không màng đến, không tính đến, bất kể, bất luận
  • Social benefits: lợi ích về mặt xã hội
  • Prevalent: thịnh hành
  • A strong sense of unity: sự gắn kết mạnh mẽ
  • Cultural identity: bản sắc văn hóa
  • Compose: Sáng tác
  • High artistic values: Giá trị nghệ thuật cao
  • Recreation: Sự giải trí
  • Self-healing: tự chữa lành
  • Alleviate their negative feelings: làm dịu cảm xúc tiêu cực
  • Light songs: những bản nhạc nhẹ nhàng

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