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- Paraphrase the topic “The line charts give information about the demand for steel and number of workers employed in a country from January to December.

The graphs illustrate the demand rate of steel and the level of labors in a certain nation through an entire year.


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+ Common trend of the demand for steel

+ Common trend for the number of workers

Overall, there was a sharp decrease in production of steel whilst the actual demand for this product saw a considerable variation over the course of one year. In the mean time, the workfore in this sector fell significantly.

P3. BODY 1 

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+ January: Numbers

+ January to August

+ August to December

Looking more specifically at the first chart, we can clearly see that at the beginning of the year, 4000 millions of steel was produced, but just a half was consumed. One month later, the quantity of steel manufactured reached the peak of 5000m tons, then the data dropped back and remained stable until August. Concurrently, the amount of steel demanded in fact varied by around 1000m tons. In September, the ratio of steel production continued to stand at its highest mark of February, but it then plunged to the bottom at 700m tons. In contrast, the demand for steel fell into the lowest category in November whereas the data surged to 2000m tons, an exessive mark compared to the supply.      

P4. BODY 2

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+ January to February

+ February to March

+ March to August

+ August to December

On the subject of employment, during the first two months, the workforce numbered from 5m to 5.5m to reach the high. The figure had mostly halved by March and had risen slightly by 500,000 until August. The labor force was on the accute decline with only 1m in December.