BC - March 11, 2023

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

The diagrams show how the layout of a school library changed.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.


  1. Para.1: Opening (1 sentence)

Paraphrase the topic:  

The diagrams show how the layout of a school library changed.

  1. Para.2: Overview (1-2 sentences)

- Common changes (Changes vs. No change): more modern and better equipped

- Noticeable change: more convenient private learning facilities

  1. Body 1 (3-4 sentences)

Details 1

Changes in the center of the library from North to South

  1. Body 2 (3-4 sentences)

Details 2

Changes of the library in the West and East


The maps depict the internal designs of a school library 5 years ago and at present.

From a general perspective, we can see that the library becomes more modern and better equipped. Particularly, more convenient private learning facilities have been provided to serve students, with the removal of the classroom and library office.

As can be shown from the layout, the book shelves which are located in the North remain constant. By contrast, the opposite ones to the South have been eliminated to place desks for students’ personal computers. In the middle were four studying tables, but now they are replaced into six private studying tables.

When it comes to the arrangements in the Western side, the classroom was destructed to make way for a new recording studio whereas the meeting room beside it stays unchanged. Moreover, the borrowing and returning areas have been separated into two distinct parts instead of being in the same place in the past. In addition, the library office in the Southest corner has been turned into the conference room meanwhile the other desks for students’ laptops lie in place of the desks for computers nearby.          

(191 words)

Band 9.0   


- internal design (n.phr) Thiết kế nội thất

- become more modern and better equipped: trở nên hiện đại hơn và được trang bị tốt hơn

- convenient private learning facilities have been provided to serve students (n.phr) các trang thiết bị học tập cá nhân tiện lợi được cung cấp để phục vụ học sinh

- removal (n ) sự xóa bỏ, loại bỏ

- Be located in: được đặt tại

- remain constant: Không thay đổi, giữ nguyên

- Be eliminated: loại bỏ

- place (v) đặt

-  replace into (v) thay thế bằng

- destruct (v) Phá hủy, phá bỏ

- make way for (v) nhường chỗ cho, nhường không gian cho

- stay unchanged: Không thay đổi, giữ nguyên

- Be separated into two distinct parts: Được tách ra thành hai phần riêng biệt

- turn into (v) Biến thành

- lie in place of (v) nằm tại vị trí của cái gì, được đặt thay cho cái gì