The diagram below shows the process of making soft cheese.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.


The flowchart illustrates how soft cheese is made.

Overall, as can be seen from the diagram, there are five main stages in this process, beginning with combination of water and milk and finishing with the complete product.

In the first step, a certain amount of milk and fresh water is mixed together to become homogeneous. After that, the mixture gets cooled at low temperature of only 5oC for 2 hours. Following that, a proper quantity of salt is added before the liquid is fermented at a moderate temperature (35oC) in the same period of time.

The fermented material is then heated at 100oC within 8 hours, which leads it to evaporate. After steam is removed from the fluid, it continues its next cooling stage with an equal heat rate through 8 hours. Finally, the fresh cheese is purified by a filter to clear out waste water, in which the soft cheese and the waste water get out of the machine throughout two distinct outputs. 


  • Flowchart (n ) Biểu đồ tiến trình
  • Illustrate (v ) Miêu tả
  • Stage (n ) Giai đoạn
  • Process (n ) Quy trình
  • In the first step: Ở bước thứ nhất
  • Mix (v ) Trộn
  • Homogeneous (adj) Đồng nhất
  • After that: sau đó
  • Then: sau đó
  • Mixture (n ) Hỗn hợp
  • Get cooled (v) Được làm mát
  • Following that: Sau đó
  • Ferment (v) = Fermentation (n ) Lên men
  • Moderate temperature (n.phr) Nhiệt độ vừa phải
  • Heat (v ) Đung nóng
  • Evaporate (v) => Evaporation (n ) Bốc hơi
  • Steam (n ) Hơi nước
  • Remove (v ) Loại bỏ
  • Purify (v) Lọc
  • Distinct outputs (n.phr) Các đầu ra khác nhau