adapt (v) thích nghi

adjust (v) điều chỉnh, làm cho thích hợp

alternate (v, adj) xen kẽ, xen nhau

alternative (n, adj) thay phiên nhau, thay thế

amend (v) cải thiện, sửa cho tốt hơn cải tạo

conservative (adj) bảo thủ

convert (v, n) biến đổi

decay (v, n) Suy tàn, mục nát

deteriorate (v) Làm hư hỏng, giảm giá trị

novel (adj) kỳ lạ, lạ thường

progress (v, n) tiến bộ, tiến triển

radical (adj) gốc, cơ bản, triệt để

refine (v) Cải tiến, lọc, tinh chế

reform (v, n) cải cách

remain (v) duy trì, giữ lại

revise (v) sửa lại, duyệt lại, ôn thi

revolution (n) cuộc cách mạng

shift (v, n) Sự thay đổi, ca, kíp

spoil (v) Làm hư hỏng, cướp phá

status quo (n phr) hiện trạng

distort (v) làm méo mó

dynamic (adj) động lực (học), năng động

endure (v) bền, kéo dài, chịu được

evolve (v) tiến hóa

influence (v, n) ảnh hưởng

innovation (n) sự cách tân, sáng kiến

innovative (adj) cách tân, sáng kiến

last (v) tồn tại, kéo dài

maintain (v) giữ gìn, duy trì, bảo dưỡng

mature (v, adj) chín, trưởng thành; kỹ càng

steady (v, adj) đều đặn, vững vàng

substitute (v, n) thay thế

sustain (v) bền vững

switch (v, n) chuyển đổi, tráo đổi

transform (v) thay đổi, biến đổi

trend (n) xu hướng

uniform (adj) đồng dạng, giống nhau

persist (v) khăng khăng, cố chấp, dai dẳng

potential (n, adj) tiềm năng

modify (v) sửa đổi, thay đổi, giảm bớt, làm nhẹ



Describe a positive change in your life

You should say

  • when it happened
  • where it happened
  • what the change was
  • and explain how you have benefited from this change


Describe a change that you think would improve your local area
You should say:
• what local area  
• what change    
• how the change could be made  
And explain how this change would be an improvement to your local area.  


Describe a law about the environment that you would like to see.
You should say:
• what the law would be about  
• how the law would work    
• what effects this law would have   
And explain why you would like to see this law in existence or why you think this
law is needed.  


Way 1: 3 sentences

Way 2: 4 sentences

Way 3:  4 sentences

Way 4: 3 sentences (Certain question)

Way 5: 3 sentences

Complex answer

S1: Main idea

S2: Explanation

S3: Example

S1: Main idea

S2: Explanation

S3: Example

S4: Opposite/ Alternative

S1: Main idea

S2: Reason 1

S3: Reason 2

S4: Reason 3

S1: Reason 1

S2: Reason 2

S3: Reason 3

S1: Main idea

S2: Explanation 1: For

S3: Explanation 2: Against

  1. What kind of events may be life-changing events?
  2. Do Vietnam people change jobs very often?
  3. How do you think employers could encourage employees not to change jobs?
  4. Why do so many people in Vietnam move to a different city or even go overseas to study or work?
  5. What do you think are the major challenges of working or studying in another country?
  6. Are young people in Vietnam today more mature than in the past?
  7. What can young people learn from older people?
  8. Do you think young people can adapt to changes easier than old people?
  9. Do you think Vietnam has gone through a lot of changes in recent years?
  10. What are the most positive changes?
  11. Do you think there will be more changes in the future?


TOPIC 1: Some people prefer to spend their lives doing the same things and avoiding change. Others, however, think that change is always good.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion. 

TOPIC  2:  Some people say that individuals should change jobs during their working life often while others believe that doing the same job has advantages to individuals, companies, and society. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion. 

TOPIC 3: When a person spends most of his or her time working a job with little job satisfaction, their life loses meaning. To what extent do you agree or disagree?  

TOPIC 1: Some people prefer to spend their lives doing the same things and avoiding change. Others, however, think that change is always good.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion. (Hook)

Radical change in the life?


S1: Hook (attractive/ shocking fact/ example): Sun Group: global tourism in Vietnam, impact on many people’s life styles  

=> The founder of Sun Group, a developed enterprise in the hospitability in Vietnam, had a great saying that "We choose change to adapt to new situations of the world" to reveal their working message in the life.

S2: Background: Globalization:  Over some recent decades

S3: Detailed background:

- What is the topic? Life change

- How is the topic? Open world/ Flat world/ Melting pot

- Why is the topic discussed? Whether the life changes are positive or negative (integrate)

=> Actually, many young people here have become richer and more dynamic since this group was established; however, it has been criticized a lot due to its impact on the environment and local traditions.

=> Concerning globalization in general and global tourism in specific, most individuals have experienced radical changes including both positive and negative developments.

S4: Outline: Some changes are encouraged while several changes are dangerous

=> In fact, many people tend to adjust their living habits to integrate with others in the current flat world, but some are in favor of remaining traditions.

S5: Thesis: Balanced  

(=> In my opinion, one should amend their life style to be more easily successful whereas they need to preserve their cultural identity. )      

BODY 1 (4 sentences)

S1: Topic sentence = Topic (life change) + Controlling idea (Benefits)+ (Supporting idea)

S2: Explanation:  More active, More politically tolerant, more knowledgeable => Richer and more civilized

S3: Example: Sun Group in Ha Long, Quang Ninh: More lively, more hospitable, more professional:  Its economic rate increased dramatically and reached up to 10.8% in 2021 due to the impact of the company.   

S4: Linking sentence:  (Concessions) >< More isolated, discriminated  

=> Despite huge progress after the modifications, it is evident that the pressurized lifestyle makes people become more isolated and discriminated in class.    

BODY 2 (3 sentences)

S1: Topic sentence = Topic (life change) + Controlling idea (Drawbacks)+ (Supporting idea)

S2: Explanation:  Focus more on work in a melting pot instead of adequate leisure time => lose their cultural identity

S3: Example:

=> Hoi An:  In the past: famous for their ancient fishery villages ><  Now: loss of their trading traditions, higher priority to global tourism

CONCLUSION (3 sentences)

S1: Summary

S2: Emphasis on your own opinion

S3: Suggestion/ Recommendation/ Prediction